What is January Adventure?

January Adventure is where thinking about your faith and the Church and learning about Jesus, the Scripture and Christianity may change your life! It's a conference in Emerging Christianity.

Epworth By The Sea where the conference is held.In 2005, L.B. (Buzzy) Pickren founded January Adventure with about 240 souls witnessing its birthing as Marcus Borg and Rev. Will Willimon took the podium at Epworth By The Sea. Since then, the speakers have changed, charged and inspired; key staffers come and go; but January Adventure has kept its ship steady to bring exceptional teachers to progressive Christians at affordable prices still at St Simons Island, GA.

2020 will be our 16th year with nearly 700 enrollees expected. Thanks for your support. Our next year's speakers are excellent and we expect our attendance to exceed last years. Registration begins in June and will be announced to those that are on our Newsletter mailing via email and also posted on this site. We anticipate next year's schedule to allow one the opportunity to enjoy both the pleasure of coastal Saint Simons Island, GA and stimulating Emerging Christianity presentations.

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JA 2020 THEME: Christianity After Patriarchy and Beyond the Pale

Patriarchy is embedded in the bones of Christianity and its scriptures and is reflected in its language and leadership from prayers to pastoral positions. Is there Christianity without patriarchy? 

How can Christian communities faithfully leave patriarchy behind when it is so deeply entrenched in the texts, rituals, history, and contemporary expressions of Christianity, and when about 88% of American churches are led by a man in the senior leadership role?

In the American context, as in the broader Western world, patriarchy works in tandem with the values and aesthetics of whiteness - of pale skin. What could it mean for us to address both the patriarchy and racial bias inherent in our understandings of God? How would we experience changes in the ways we pray, in how we read Scripture, and how we live our faith from day to day? The Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney and Brian D. McLaren will join forces to help January Adventure 2020 imagine–and start practicing–Christianity beyond the pale and after patriarchy.

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